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Tesla Building The World's Largest Supercharger Station In The Mojave Desert

Tesla has created a proprietary supercharger network which is by far the best in the world

The supercharger network will now be open to vehicles from other brands as well expand View Photos
The supercharger network will now be open to vehicles from other brands as well


  • Tesla's supercharger is one of the reasons behind its success
  • The new charging station will have 100 charging points
  • It is placed between the Los Angels and Las Vegas highway

Tesla has started building a massive supercharger station between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the Mojave desert which many believe could be the largest one in the world. Tesla has been actively increasing its supercharger station footprint. It has gone from 23,777 superchargers in 2,564 stations in 2020 to 31,498 superchargers in 3,476 stations worldwide by the end of 2021. That's a 35 per cent growth rate. But this growth rate is much needed as Tesla prepares to open up its supercharging network to third party vehicles as well. The one in the Mojave desert is said to have 100 stalls which is more than 10x of what EVgo and Electrify America have offered. 


This is the world's largest supercharger with 56 stalls

"Mayor Paul Courtney revealed the world's most valuable carmaker is already months into construction of Superchargers - a charger Tesla produces for quicker fill-ups and longer-distance drives than those provided by smaller home-charging options - during a Barstow City Council meeting Monday while praising the city staff's dealmaking skills," said a report in the Victorville Daily Press. 


Tesla already has two supercharger stations in the Barstow county with 16 and 18 stalls respectively. This will be a massive expansion and will match the largest supercharger station in the world which is in Harris Ranch in California. 

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