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Bajaj Pulsar 150



The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a Commuter bike available at a starting price of Rs. 95,872 . The bike is available in 5 variants with 12 colour options. The 149.5 cc BS VI engine of Pulsar 150 is mated with 5 gears, producing maximum power of 13.80 bhp @ 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.40 Nm @ 6500 rpm. The mileage of the Pulsar 150 is 65 Km/l.

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95,872 Ex-showroom price 
EMI starts at ₹ 3,161 Apply Loan
  • Insurance 1,897
  • RTO Amount 3,834
  • TCS 0
  • On-Road Price 1.02 Lakh
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Overview
Ex-Showroom Price*
From ₹ 95,872 Onward
Engine Capacity
149.5 CC
Fuel Economy/Mileage
65 Km/l
5 Speed
Fuel Tank Capacity
15.0 L
Wheel Type
Alloy Wheels
Starting Mechanism
Self / Kick Start
Similar Bikes
Model Variants
Pulsar 150 Neon ABS BS VI , Pulsar 150 ABS BS VI , Pulsar 150 Single Disc Dagger Edge Edition , Pulsar 150 Twin Disc BS VI and Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Dagger Edge Edition

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Prices

Variant Ex-Showroom Price Specification Compare
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon ABS BS VI 95,872
Petrol, 65 Km/l
Bajaj Pulsar 150 ABS BS VI 1.02 Lakh
Petrol, 65 Km/l
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Single Disc Dagger Edge Edition 1.02 Lakh
Petrol, 65 Km/l
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc BS VI 1.07 Lakh
Petrol, 65 Km/l
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Dagger Edge Edition 1.07 Lakh
Petrol, 65 Km/l

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Specifications

Engine CC 149.5 cc
Mileage 65 Km/l
Max Power 13.80 bhp
Max Torque 13.40 Nm
Fuel Petrol
Transmission 5 Speed
Length/Width/Height 2055/ 765/1115 mm
Kerb Weight 144/148Kg

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Features

  • ABS

  • All New Laser Edged Graphics

  • 240 mm Ventilated Front Disc Brake

  • Pulsar 150 Has Been Designed to Ensure Maximum Comfort

  • Performance

  • Engine Kill Switch

  • Fuel Gauge

  • Pass Light

About Bajaj Pulsar 150

One of the biggest reasons behind Pulsar’s popularity is the accurate mixture of styling, performance, and exhaust note, which appealed to the budding bikers.

An ideal combination of fuel efficiency, muscular style, and value for money has made the Bajaj Pulsar 150 the one of the highest-selling commuter bikes in India, even after the arrival of several new competitors.

The look of 150 is inspired by the Pulsar 180. We seethe identical suspension up front with a similar headlight. The tyres and suspension are thicker, accompanied by broader discs and a single channel Anti-lock braking system (ABS).

While the DNA of Pulsar 150 remains similar in terms of styling, the reliable commuter bike has received new colour schemes and multiple variants. One of the most notable colour schemes is the Neon series, which includes a combination of contrast colours like the matte-finished metallic grey with neon yellow highlights.

The new edition of Pulsar 150 has further received four new colour schemes in addition to the Neon series. It includes the Volcanic Red, which has three colours, Matte red combined with Black and flashes of white. You also get Sparkle Black, Sapphire Blue and Pearl White.

The split seat design has been continued in the new edition too. The seats are comfortable for both the rider and the passenger. You get a relatively straight stance with just a slightly bent, making your posture appear sporty yet comfortable enough for long drives. The leg stance is slightly rear which further adds to the sporty stance.

The Pulsar 150 is equipped with a 149.5cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. It is BS6 compliant and is a fuel-injected engine that delivers 13.8bhp of maximum power and 13.4 Nm of peak torque. The bike comes with a five-speed transmission where the gears are all single-sided.

The telescopic front forks along withwith the dual springs and adjustable preload at the rear support the 150 in the suspension department. All the five variants - Pulsar 150 Neon - ABS - BS VI, Pulsar 150 Single Disc - ABS - BS VI, Pulsar 150 Single Disc - Dagger Edge, Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - ABS - BS VI, and Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - Dagger Edge is equipped with a single ABS as a standard fitment.

Due to the upgraded fuel-injected engine, the performance of the new 150 feels a lot more refined and smooth. There is a slight decrease in the power and an increase in the weight, which is felt during the initial pick up. However, once you reach the mid-range, you feel the refinement and zero vibrations, making the ride pretty enjoyable. Even the new 150 looks heavier; the design is sleek, making it easier to filter through traffic and cut corners with ease.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 Expert Review

How is the design of Pulsar 150?

Pulsar 150 has been in the market for more than two decades and is still in production. The 149.5cc bike is still the highest-selling commuter bike in India. The notable factor here is that even after all this time if you compare the first Pulsar 150 model with the latest one, the resemblance is uncanny.

For the new edition, the design of the front has been kept similar to the Pulsar 150 DNA with their iconic halogen headlights and indicator lights. The 148 kg bike is suspended by telescopic front forks and gets a disc brake up front and at the rear. with disc brakes.

The bike offers an integrated fuel tank, which is neither bulky nor sharp. The tank pads offer a sporty appeal to the bike. The ergonomic design of the fuel tank allows you to properly grip your knees while riding.

The seat on the bike offers you a sitting posture that is straight and comfortable. Your knees are placed a little rear side which makes the stance appear sporty.

The Pulsar’s tail-light has halogen turning lights. Both the front and back have a carbon fibre finish which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bike.

The overall design is reasonably communicative. It’s not hard to guess that Bajaj is majorly targeting young bikers with the new Pulsar 150.

How does the Pulsar 150 ride?

While there has been a significant change in Pulsar 150’s aesthetic appeal, nothing much has been upgraded in terms of performance and ride. The commuter bike still uses the old 149.5cc engine. The fuel injection system is an upgrade, and the engine is in accordance with the BS6 norms.

It has definitely affected the ride. The bike is now 4kg heavier and 0.15 bhp lower in power as it now generates a max power of 14 bhp at 8500 rpm combined with its peak torque of 13.25 Nm at 6500 rpm.

While riding, you will feel the refinement and smoothness in the engine resulting from the fuel injection.. The initial pickup is notable but has been downgraded slightly due to the power difference compared to its predecessor. But the power delivery is commendable and smooth.

How comfortable is the Pulsar 150?

Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the most comfortable commuter bikes running in the Indian market due to its ergonomic seat, handling, and other upgrades.

The bike maintains a steady balance and feels quite poised and composed even at higher RPMs like 8000 or more. While it does produce some vibrations, the bike never feels out of control.

The engine of Pulsar 150 is similar to the previous 150s with an old 149.5 cc engine along with the same stroke, bottom end and bore. What makes the difference in making the power delivery more predictable, the engine smoother, and the throttle response more firm is the fuel injection ability.

It's a single-channel ABS. Therefore, it works only on the front wheel, which is an essential safety feature and makes the front brake highly robust and effective. 

How is the tech in Pulsar 150?

The centre console has a combination of a digital and analogue display.  It has some new digital features such as displaying indicators and average fuel consumed and some other details. These are combined with an analogue tachometer, which has been retained from its previous models.

The right console supports a tiny display consisting of a speedometer and a side-stand indicator, which is a simple but essential safety feature.

How is the mileage of Pulsar 150?

Bajaj claims to offer a mileage of 50 kmpl and boasts a fuel tank with a capacity of 15 litres. Now due to the ABS unit and additional fairing, the bike weight has increased by 4 kg. While the weight has not affected the comfort or performance, it will indeed affect the mileage.

However, the users have attested that with economical usage, you can quickly expect a mileage of 45 kmpl. Therefore, you can expect to do over 650 kilometres with a full fuel tank.

How is the performance of Pulsar 150?

The Bajaj bike is powered by the same old 149.5 ccs single-cylinder air-cooled engine that generates a power of 14 bhp at 8500 rpm along with a maximum torque of 13.25 Nm at 6500 rpm. It is well suited for a daily ride and cruising through busy roads because of its balanced drive and comfortable handling.

Unlike its predecessor, the Pulsar 150’s engine is much more refined and has a level of exemplary smoothness due to the fuel injection. After you surpass 4,000 rpm, the Pulsar bike is just a joy to ride.

The overall performance of the new Bajaj Pulsar 150 is refined and smooth, yet the reduction in power delivery is evident and will be felt by the core Pulsar bikers.

Is the Pulsar 150 a good value?

At Rs. 95k, the new Pulsar 150 is nearly Rs.3K more expensive than the Neon version and nearly Rs.8-9k more expensive than the classic Pulsar 150. While the aesthetics and design have been enhanced, no other enhancement can justify the price hike except for engine refinement.

Hence, if you are looking for a Pulsar 150, the neon version or the Classic Pulsar 150 might be a better option unless you specifically want your Pulsar 150 to be sportier and heavier.

Pros & Cons of Pulsar 150



  • One of the most comfortable commuter bikes due to the enhanced ergonomics.

  • Refined engine and strong front brake.

  • Features a single-channel ABS.



  • No significant upgrades from Bajaj in the Pulsar bikes.

  • Kick Start is missing.

  • The LED lighting system is still missing.

Final Verdict on Pulsar 150

The Pulsar 150 remains one of the best commuter bikes produced in the Indian market, which is evident by its long run of 2 decades. The new 150 is an ideal entry-level performance bike. The 150 cc engine generates goodmileage, decent power and is easy to handle. Combined with the reliable service of Bajaj, it makes the Pulsar 150 a holistic and irresistible package.

People also ask For

  • How much does Pulsar 150 cost?

    The Pulsar 150 comes in five variants. The ex-showroom price in New Delhi begins at Rs. 96,456 for the base edition of Bajaj Pulsar Pulsar 150 Neon - ABS - BS VI.

    The ex-showroom price goes as high as Rs. 1,07,078 in New Delhi for the Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - Dagger Edge. The on-road price for this edition begins at Rs. 1,21,983 for Delhi.

  • Is Pulsar 150 a good bike?

    Pulsar 150 is an ideal combination of comfort, affordability, mileage, and tractability, making it one of the most popular bikes in India. Therefore, yes, the Pulsar 150 is a good bike for a reliable everyday commute.

  • Is it worth buying the Pulsar 150?

    It certainly is worth buying the Bajaj Pulsar 150. There are not many options available in the 150 cc bikes as the market has moved towards the 160cc. Hence, when you consider the features and range in which the Bajaj commuter runs, it is a reasonably decent choice for everyday use.

  • What makes Pulsar 150 better than the Hero Achiever, Yamaha FZ-X, or Honda Unicorn?

    In terms of engine and tank capacity, the Pulsar 150 is miles ahead of the Yamaha FZ-X V3 but lags behind the Honda Unicorn when you consider the engine displacement.

    Pulsar 150 is also fun to ride, especially when you consider how easy and smooth it runs after 4,000 rpm, along with the comfort it offers.

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs Competition

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs Yamaha FZ-X Vs Honda Unicorn

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 competes in the commuter bike market with Yamaha FZ-X and Honda Unicorn. Let's go through an in-depth analysis to understand this competition better:

    • Talking about engine displacement, Honda Unicorn is ahead of both the Pulsar 150 and Yamaha FZ-X. The Japanese commuter bike is equipped with a 162.7 cc engine, followed by Bajaj Pulsar 150's 149.5cc engine and Yamaha FZ-X's 149cc.
    • Due to its robust and refined engine, which is now upgraded with fuel injection, Pulsar offers a power of 14 bhp at 8500 rpm along with a maximum torque of 13.25 Nm at 6500 rpm, which gives a perfect balance of drive and comfortable handling.
    • Mileage-wise, the Honda Unicorn is miles ahead of the list with a mileage of 60 kmpl, followed by Yamaha  FZ-X  at 55 kmpl. The Pulsar 150 stands at the end of the list with 50 kmpl.
    • It is hard to decide between the Honda Unicorn and Bajaj Pulsar 150 in terms of comfort and handling.. You can enjoy the racing stances in the tracks and sit straight and relish cruising the city roads.
    • Finally, speaking about the on-road prices in Delhi, Yamaha FZ-X is the most expensive one with a price starting at Rs. 1.33 lakh onwards, followed by the Bajaj Pulsar 150, which begins at Rs. 1.18 lakh for the ABS editions. Finally, the Honda Unicorn is the most affordable one on the list and is priced at 1.12 lakh.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Colors

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Black/Red

    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Black/Blue

    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Sapphire Blue Dagger Edge Edition

    Sapphire Blue Dagger Edge Edition
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Pearl White Dagger Edge Edition

    Pearl White Dagger Edge Edition
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon Red

    Neon Red
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon Yellow

    Neon Yellow
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon Silver

    Neon Silver
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Black/Red STD

    Black/Red STD
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Black/Grey STD

    Black/Grey STD
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Pearl White

    Pearl White
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Sparkle Black

    Sparkle Black
    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Volcanic Red

    Volcanic Red
    Available for all variants.

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It's totally wrong this bike not give 65 kmpl,it's gave me 40 to 44 kmpl...It's my own experience...
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All You Need to Know About the Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar has always enjoyed a cult fan following. With the first model being launched in 2001, Bajaj has kept Pulsar relevant to the market with regular updates. Here is everything you need to know about the Chakan-based bike maker’s new bike.

The Pulsar 150 has five variants - Pulsar 150 Neon - ABS - BS VI, Pulsar 150 Single Disc - ABS - BS VI, Pulsar 150 Single Disc - Dagger Edge, Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - ABS - BS VI, and Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - Dagger Edge.

The Bajaj commuter bikes are available in seven different shades. The Neon series consists of a contrasting combination of matte metallic grey mated with neon shades like Neon Red, Neon Lime Green and Neon Silver, Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Volcanic Red, and Sparkle Black.

Let’s discuss the ex-showroom prices of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 bikes. The base variant, Bajaj Pulsar Pulsar 150 Neon, begins at Rs. 96,456 and goes till  Rs. 1,06,673 for the Pulsar 150 Twin Disc - ABS - BS VI in New Delhi.

The Pulsar 150 is powered by a 149.5 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine producing a peak power of 14 bhp at 8000 rpm along with a maximum torque of 13.25 Nm at 6500 rpm. It offers the perfect balance of power and easy handling.

Enhancing the safety feature, the bikes come with a single-channel anti-lock braking system or the ABS. The front brake is highly effective, while the rear brakes are pretty average.

The Pulsar 150 bikes have a tank capacity of 15 L and offer a mileage of 50 kmpl. The Bajaj commuter bike has a ride range of 750 km.

The on-road price in New Delhi for the base variant, Bajaj Pulsar Pulsar 150 Neon - ABS - BS VI editions, starts at Rs. 1,12,03 and goes upto  Rs. 1,21,983 for the Twin Disc edition of Pulsar 150.

With the Pulsar 150 BS6, Bajaj competes with Yamaha FZ-X, Hero Achiever, Honda Unicorn, and Honda Shine. While it doesn’t surpass the Yamaha FZ-X  in terms of mileage, it certainly gives the other a tough challenge in terms of power generation, comfort, handling, affordability and presenting a balanced output.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 And Pulsar 150 Neon Receive A Price Hike

Bajaj Pulsar 150 And Pulsar 150 Neon Receive A Price Hike

history Jul 21, 2020 02:45 PM
The BS6 compliant Pulsar 150 is now priced at Rs. 97 958 and is dearer by Rs. 1025, while the Pulsar 150 Neon is priced at Rs. 91,002 has has received a hike of Rs. 999.
2020 Bajaj Pulsar 150 BS6 Launched; Priced At Rs. 94,956

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 150 BS6 Launched; Priced At ₹ 94,956

history Feb 12, 2020 12:50 PM
The BS6 version of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 gets a fuel-injected engine, and is available in two versions - a front disc brake/rear drum brake variant, and a twin disc variant. Prices have gone up by...
Bajaj Pulsar Celebrates 18th Anniversary As Sales Cross 1.2 Crore Units

Bajaj Pulsar Celebrates 18th Anniversary As Sales Cross 1.2 Crore Units

history Jan 08, 2020 04:49 PM
The Bajaj Pulsar nameplate is an icon. It revolutionised the Indian entry-level sports commuter segment and continues one of the most popular nameplates for the bike maker in India and across the...
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Bajaj Pulsar 150 FAQs

  • What is the on road and ex showroom price of Bajaj Pulsar 150?

    The on-road price (Delhi) starts from Rs. 1.01 Lakh and the showroom price (Delhi) starts from Rs. 95,872.
  • What is the Tyre and Wheel type of Bajaj Pulsar 150?

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes with Alloy wheels and Tubeless tyres
  • Does the Bajaj Pulsar 150 have ABS?

    Yes, two variants of Bajaj Pulsar 150 offers ABS which are Pulsar 150 ABS priced at Rs. 1.01 Lakh and Pulsar 150 Twin Disc priced at Rs. 1.07 Lakh
  • What are the colours available in Bajaj Pulsar 150?

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 offers 9 colors in total mainly - Pearl White, Sapphire Blue, Neon Lime green, Neon Red, Neon Silver, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Volcanic Red and Sparkle Black.
  • What is the mileage of Bajaj Pulsar 150?

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 offers a mileage of 65 kmpl according to ARAI
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Bajaj Pulsar 150 Ex-Showroom Price in India

Explore Bajaj Pulsar 150 popular cities ex-showroom price in India

Popular Cities Ex-Showroom Price
Pulsar 150 price in New Delhi From Rs.95,872
Pulsar 150 price in Mumbai From Rs.96,320
Pulsar 150 price in Bangalore From Rs.97,024
Pulsar 150 price in Hyderabad From Rs.96,640
Pulsar 150 price in Chennai From Rs.97,728
Pulsar 150 price in Kolkata From Rs.97,114
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